Spirited Away

I forget if I ever recommended this picture to you, but man, it’s a creepy one. My friend Alex J. pitched it to me and I was sunk. This family is moving from one town to the next, but on the way, they visit an abandoned historic village. There is absolutely no other people around, and yet there’s a restaurant with platters and platters of hot, steaming, delicious food. The famished parents help themselves, while the little girl keeps going “no, no! stop eating!” Before you know it, the parents have turned into pigs and can’t leave – the historic village turning out to be some kind of haunted hot spot for ghosts – and the little girl has to get her folks off the hook for the rest of the picture. It is so utterly bizarre and creative – I think she has to fight boulder-size potato people at one point, and although it’s been years since I’ve seen this movie, I still try not to eat the free food in my office, you know, in case…I turn into a pig and I can never leave.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Miyazaki, the filmmaker, has an amusement park inspired by his work. This and Harry Potter world!! Must go!

  2. where is that amusement park? we can walk among people dressed as gigantic sweet potatoes and ride a ghost train? forget it, we gotta go. would this be a sad 40th bday party for me? i mean, it’s going to be a little bit before i turn 40, but that has a more dramatic ring than say, my 39th birthday

  3. Durn, it’s more like a museum than amusement park. Though it still looks cool and I still want to go! And kids can ride the “catbus.” I think this should be on Auggie’s “things to do before I turn 5” bucket list:


    But your ideas for the amusement park would be so rad!

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