Husband and I, thanks to my folks, actually get to see more movies than most new parents. Inception was weird and cool, and I enjoyed, but it’s long. I liked the mix of special effects and acting effects — there were some computer generating thing-a-ma-bobs, but the extras contributed to the creep factor by breaking conversations and staring at Leonardo DiCaprio at the same time. There’s a fight scene that’s very Matrix/Lionel Richie’s “Dancing on the Ceiling.” About halfway through, I looked at my watch and said “This is not worth being away from the baby.” However, that is an impossible standard to measure a film by. Whatevs. I like calling anything remotely weird as Inception. Like “That is so Inception,” “so totally Inception,” or just “Inception.” In the movie, the characters adopt totems to help root their mind in seeing the difference between reality and dream state. After the lights went up, I told Husband my totem would be the used aluminum foil he used to sneak in his veggie burger into the movie. I am so Inception.

Anyway, it’s good, it’s entertaining.

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