4 Replies to ““totes ridic””

  1. It would be better if it were derived from the Chronicles of Riddick. Like totally a Vin Diesel science fiction action movie. Totes Riddick.

  2. you know, i’ve totally seen that movie? my friend kirsten and her husband love that movie, despite its five conflicting plotlines and i enjoyed it. i LOVE bad sci fi (i happen to dig good sci fi as well). david keeps saying “totes me goats” now from that paul rudd movie, which i can’t recall the title of which right now

  3. Also, the New Yorker really didn’t like Knight and Day. I just thought I’d pass on that update from NewYorkerland. Just to confirm that you shouldn’t be reading it.

  4. ha ha, nobody seems to have liked knight and day. in general, i love reading film reviews, but i usually take their advice and do the opposite. i agree with the times regarding “hurt locker” but nothing else

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