Knight and Day

When I was younger, I craved seeing challenging films that would help stretch my intellectual acumen and emotional experiences. This usually meant like black and white pictures…with subtitles…taking place in France or Chile…focusing on like Pinochet or the Holocaust. Now that I’m older, possibly pass the prime of my mind with an average, and yet nonetheless complicated load of adult responsibilities, I need simple. (apologies to New Yorker and NPR friends.) If I get to go out, I want to see a movie where things explode and pretty people run around with guns. If that’s your fare, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Knight and Day as Not Bad At All.

Major tangent:

That was the highest grade you could get from my Versification prof, who rated our assignments as Not Bad, Not Too Bad, Not Bad At All. The negative end of the spectrum was Not Good, Not Too Good, and Not Good At All…um, I am obviously inflating her scale since there are only five grades you can get…unless you got a W, like I did for certain classes (withdrawal) but in my defense these were sciences and classes with 500 people in it. What the what.

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  1. really? what does it mean? like poetry? or the study of writing verse? sad. i can’t remember anything any more

  2. I was going to look up versification, too, but then got distracted reading celebrity gossip or something. But why is it that we all watched the artsy fartsy things like “cinema” when we were younger, and now we like dumb and loud movies? Or dumb and trashy books? Is it possible that those artsy fartsy things are like the Emperor’s clothes, and not really all that great?

  3. I had to look it up again, because I didn’t remember from yesterday:
    the art of making verses, see poetry
    the theory of the phonetic structure of verse, see meter (poetry)

  4. thank you gab!

    nk, for me, i think it’s chemical. growing up, i was bored out of my mind and you know, just young, in dire need of major exciting intellectual content, thus the appetite for films and such that were different and out of the ordinary. now, i’m older, my life is much more stressful, and i think my brain just needs a break — but also, my brain is less muscular. all the online stuff and kabillion optinos for entertainment make me want to be spoonfed. what’s your explanation?

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