happy anniversary

Today is my parents anniversary! Today is also the day that Baby Sasquatch cried real tears for the first time. I left a voicemail from my parents to wish them a happy one, report on Baby’s progress, and announce he was weeping on their behalf.

After he wept this morning, we saw a bit of water leaking from the corner of his eyes, which is supposed to happen sometime between week 4 and 6 according to books. It’s nothing exceptional for sure and certainly not due to any feat of skill, and yet I felt very proud.

3 Replies to “happy anniversary”

  1. So interesting! I didn’t know tears weren’t an automatic-you-are-born-to-cry-tears kinda thing.

  2. i didn’t know either before last week! am cramming in online reading in between naps. it’s like a national geographic special

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