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So I’ve been dealing with this awesome cold lately, which includes fever, stuffed up nose, and sore throat, and with NYC apartments, the air is desert-arid with these heating systems and when you can only breathe through your mouth in your sleep feels like, I dunno, having knives splice through, etc. I came up with this ingenious sleep method of going to sleeping with a cough drop in my mouth — it just helps keep some moisture in there so you don’t feel like dying. But I just told Husband and he forbade me from doing this again, because I might choke or whatever.

I’m like, What about the kind of cough drops that comes in lollipop form? Like if I choke, we could pull it out by the stick part.

NO, he said.


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  1. I’ve slept with the cough drop. I worried more about tooth decay than choking. Your husband’s smarter than me.

  2. no, you’re smart to worry about tooth decay. i am reading a kid guide book where they prefer kids eat cake instead of candy, b/c of the sheer time the sugar is left on the teeth.

    i don’t think i would choke. my experience is my mouth clamps down so hard on the cough drop that it barely dissolves b/c i sleep, so everyone wins. and i dunno, it’s like how i wouldn’t roll over on a baby in a bed–my spidey senses kick in

  3. You can’t win. I had a doctor tell me that if kids have to eat candy, lollipops are better because they take longer to eat, so the overall rate of sugar consumption is lower. Also, cake and cookies have fat, whereas hard candies are mostly fat-free. It’s all bad. And so, so good.

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