Puttin’ on the Hitz

Before DVR, I still spent many years watching boatloads of TV. I don’t know if anyone else ever heard of this show, but part of my weekly lineup was Putting on the Hitz, a show where contestants came on and lip-synched to popular songs. Husband was incredulous. He was like, What was their talent? Their talent was to lip-synch really well and to emulate the original artist as well as possible. Like a Michael Jackson impersonator came on with a head-to-toe zipper jacket ensemble and delicately popped his hips just like Michael and had a huge ‘fro. I think he won his week (though the ‘fro is clearly not period, when Michael had the like relaxed hair, clean cut look at that point.) I’m pretty sure this show was sandwiched in between Solid Gold hosted by Dionne Warwick and Dance Fever hosted by someone with a name like Danny Toledo, which was a dance contest that clearly took place in a small dance club in Staten Island. It also had three judges like today’s dance contest formats and was totally like taped with someone’s personal beta camera. I haven’t thought of these shows in ages, so I hope writing about them now means I won’t ever have to again, b/c I could really use the brain space for other things like…baby CPR.

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  1. Deney Terrio was the host of Dance Fever. (Knew that off the top of my head by the way.) That was the best night of television ever! We didn’t get Puttin on the Hitz and that makes me sad. Off to YouTube…

  2. you know, david instantly knew deney terrio — i totally forgot, so you are not alone. i couldn’t find any images of “puttin on teh hitz” but i totally remember the michael jackson impersonator. i think he did the moon walk and the raised knee-swivel thingie, as well as the hip pops to billie jean, despite the thriller outfit and the off-the-wall era hair.

  3. My favorite lip-sync show was The Great Pretender, which I believe was from the mid ’90s. It was hosted by an awful pre-Destiny’s Child pop/R&B band called Wild Orchid, which included Fergie, who later went on to equally awful but much more lucrative things later on.

  4. WOW, MC Abe, I’ve NEVER heard of that show. That’s awesome. Also, you have my respect forever b/c you knew that Pink Ladies show from the 80s which i feel like i saw once in elementary school

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