3 Replies to “Phyllis, “The Office””

  1. Oh gosh, I also love that Phyllis always pull out the “I’m going to call/tell Bob (her husband)” when she wants to make a threat. Such a fun choice to have her married to this kinda low level mob guy/tough guy (and the added info that they have hot sex in public places–ew, but funny).

  2. i didn’t know bob was a low level mob guy, thank you! i love her active hot sex life, she is hilarious. i also love the drunk redheaded lady who set her hair on fire at the last xmas party

  3. Actually, he might not be a low level mob guy. It’s just that everyone seems kinda scared of him, even though he’s just the guy who owns some refrigeration company. So I just made up that he was some mob guy. Meredith, the boozy/slutty redhead, is all kinds of amazing.

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