images Lately, I’ve been hearing really good old Police songs, not so much the monster hits that drove me crazy growing up because they were constantly being played (“Every Breath You Take,” “Duh doo dah,” and all that BS) but more of the obscure ones like “Bring on the Night” and “The Bed’s Too Big Without You,” and I remember, wow, they were a good band. Did you ever listen to “Roxanne” and imagine you were the prostitute Sting was singing to and he was so in love with you, he said it’s okay to stop acting like a hooker and just be yourself? Me neither. ha haha.

2 Replies to “police”

  1. I flipped past Sting’s Christmas Special or something the other night, and that guy is so creepy. I remember everyone thinking he was dreamy in high school, but now he just talks about tantric sex and wears floppy cravats and ewww. Stewart Copeland’s still cool, though.

  2. ewww, you have a point. he was really crush-worthy in high school, but when you frame him as the aging hippie, not so much.

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