You’re Welcome, White House!

4139605630_3f6df67f57_m After all the hoopla and retardness of the DC party crashers and three Secret Service agents on leave without pay, this picture is still up on the White House flicker site. Hello, Public Affairs staff, maybe you want to take it down? Just saying. If it’s still up, you can check it out in context here. Sometimes, when I get the blues, I love checking out this site to see pictures of Michelle and the girls, but this picture really cheered me up today. White House, I’m available to work as a communications consultant if you want some extra help.

3 Replies to “You’re Welcome, White House!”

  1. Not that I want to be known around these parts as the big ol’ race police, but it bothers me that these Salahi fools are gallivanting about around the media. However, had these party crashers been black, asian, arab, etc., the crashers would be thrown in jail already by now.

  2. they wouldn’t have gotten past the front door if they had been in any of the aforementioned categories.

  3. i think that’s true. i heard a brown reporter from the daily show couldn’t get in, but the salahis aren’t white, are they? the dude’s name is tareq salahi.

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