subway adventures

subway-seat You know, when I was just chubby, people gave up their subway seats for me all the time. They would yell across packed cars to make sure the entire car would know that I needed a seat, mistaking my middle for a baby-to-be, but now that I finally am and look pregnant, I got nothing. I’ve already espoused my whole subway bill of rights p.o.v. extensively (if you don’t give up your seat for old or preg people, I’m pretty sure you’re some sort of scum), so no need to expound upon it now.

Finally, this morning, I got my first offer for a seat ever. I was so excited and flustered that it took me about five tries to say “No thank you.”

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  1. The last time I was on the subway and extremely pregnant the only person that offered me a seat was a gentleman with a cane.

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