taylor werewolf

taylor-lautner-demi-lovato-2009-kids-choice-awards-10 In the Twilight films, there’s a young actor playing the main werewolf, Taylor Lautner. (Yes, it’s a retarded series. Yes, I’m addicted. Yes, I already have a ticket to New Moon during its premiere weekend and am excited about it.) What freaks me out is this kid, who has become majorly buff with an eight-pack and big shoulders, is only 17. There is a GQ spread with him in some beautiful clothes, but also shirtless, where he looks about 25…and it disturbs me. Not just because he’s simultaneously hot and a kid, but also, how much attention is being concentrated on him. Of course, it’s to sell a movie, but there’s a real person concerned and by all accounts, fame is corruptive, something that people survive in spite of, not because of. Many adults cave and lose their minds, so how do they expect a teenager to handle this and survive? It sort of reminds of Britney’s teen years, where she was flaunted as this object of great desirability and it feels creepy. They trot these kids out to make MONEY.

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