Pillow talk.

images3images images2 Don’t get excited. This is not a tantalizing story, just a completely random one.

We have six pillows – I sleep with four, Husband sleeps with one, and the extra spends the night on the couch. Every night, I settle nicely into my pillow fort, my body totally surrounded by pillow, and usually, don’t move for the rest of the night. Two nights ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and Husband still had not come to bed and I spotted his pillow and hugged it to my body, thinking in my groggy state, “Hmm, what’s this extra pillow doing here.”

He had to wake me up to get me to let it go.

I was so embarrassed of my pillow hog behavior that I woke up at 4 a.m., I couldn’t stop laughing. Tried to keep it quiet to not wake up Husband, but kept laughing pretty hard, so was not successful.

The photos of the knee pillows from Japan are just an added bonus for your day.

2 Replies to “Pillow talk.”

  1. I do something similar. I hog the soft flat pillows. We have two bulky hard pillows and 2 soft flat pillows. Those are mine. I make Mr. Sachsy get up and give them to me if he happens to fall asleep on them. Or even one of them.


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