i just wanna rock and roll all night

kiss You know what’s weird? When a song gets in your head, but it’s like a song you didn’t even knew you knew. Just so you know, I just finished singing “I just wanna rock and roll all night” by KISS at home. I had no idea I knew what KISS sounded like.

I rewrote the lyrics to be more autobiographical though, “I just wanna walk around all night, and study every day.” Husband was both, I think, amused and appalled. It’s like when I rewrote the spoken part of “Hot for Teacher” to be about band practice after school and having a new pencil case.

Writers write what they know. Writers write.

Ha ha. Actually, writers procrastinate and eat a LOT of ice cream.

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  1. In the movie “Role Models”, Paul Rudd’s character wants to Rock N Roll all night, and PART OF every day, like from 1-3. Don’t ask me how I know that.
    When Ruben was in diapers, all our altered song lyrics were about poop. I seem to have stricken them all from memory.

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