Whip It

whip-it-big Saw it. Loved it. I didn’t have high expectations when I heard it was a meh kind of picture, but I found it to be a pretty together piece of work — great soundtrack, cool costumes, crazy stories, coming-of-age, mother and daughter tension, and unambiguously pro-girl! Marcia Gay Harden — awesome. Juliette Lewis — totally owns her part.

(Long-winded Juliette Lewis aside: She’s the bad-ass bad girl in this flick, and inflects every moment with her attitude. I remember people hating her in the 80s, but she’s grown on me because she’s just insane in every role I’ve seen her in. In this picture, she’s the bad-ass bad girl and inflects every moment on screen with attitude. She’s not a typical Hollywood beauty, she does her weird band on the side and takes supporting roles in Top 40 films and adds her own charm to kooky parts. I’m a fan.)

All the actors in the flick actually skate and wipe out like crazy. Very, very cute picture. Impressed with Drew Barrymore. And how cool does she look in promoting the movie at the Toronto Film Festival? Wish I had a job that required wearing a dress like this!


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  1. Ooh I can’t wait to see this! Guess you went to the sneak preview.. Aside: Isn’t it amazing that Drew went from child star to big ol’ mess to legit Hollywood A-list player? I wonder if Lindsay Lohan might follow a similar trajectory.

  2. i don’t see it for lindsay lohan. if you’re addicted to drugs, you’re on the bottom and she’s addicted to the fame too. i guess, also, it’s a different time period. there are more cameras and interest in celebs so there are more records of flubs. right now, it’s too expensive to purchase insurance to hire lindsay lohan, so she’s screwed. drew went nuts till like 20 and then pulled it together…maybe. supposedly, she perpetuates this hippie, easygoing attitude for the press, but in reality is a hardened pro. who knows. they’re all supposed to be big children though.

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