inglorious basterds

images christophe-waltz-as-colon-002 1224252968211_1 Once again, I loved a picture the NY Times did not. They called it “interminable.” I was not expecting to enjoy this flick, leery of its reputation of grisly violence, but the script is extremely well-written, the actors are great, the story is compelling, and the plot surprises, great visuals are plentiful, and the red of the red dress the character Shoshana wears is amazing — every time you think you know what will happen, it takes a turn, so what is the problem NY Times? How was this boring? Brad Pitt is only a part of the whole, thankfully, so don’t be repelled by the commercials. Maybe they’re just too old. I highly recommend it. As for the violence, there are scenes that I definitely looked away from, but the scalping, for some reason, I didn’t think was that bad. So there.

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