summercamp-2007 kinopoiskru-harry-potter-the-half-blood-prince-723737 Yesterday, my friend’s daughter went to “Harry Potter” as her activity at summer camp, which made my friend and I want to enroll in camp immediately. Her other camp activities include “The Play’s the Thing,” where the kids put on plays or practice theater things all day. This, for some reason, made me flashback to law school camp.

Mom really wanted me to go to law school. She still does. Maybe that’s why I spent one summer indoors, writing and delivering opening and closing arguments with other 13-year-olds instead of, like, swimming. (I did get to go to tennis and more normal, outdoor camps too). But really, if Mom really wanted me to go to law school, she should have sent me to like Minimum Wage camp or something, or this-is-the-quality-of-life-as-a-theater-artist camp. That would have sealed the deal.

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