fans attack!

images6 Ugh, this poor kid. Twilight is so popular that the guy who played the romantic lead has drawn the attention of rabid devotion. Did you hear? He’s in NYC to film a movie and has like five body guards but girls still come up to him and hug him till he chokes. He actually ran away from a mob and got hit by a cab today as a result. what the hell! And I thought I was feeling harassed today. I hope he doesn’t lose his mind. I think I would.

And not to take away from him, b/c he’s cute and all, but certainly not cuter than the popular kid in high school or that guy who was in “Dead Poets Society,” but what is up with this intense attention? Creepy.

2 Replies to “fans attack!”

  1. Wherever he is right now (doing summer stock somewhere, probably), Robert Sean Leonard is grateful for the sort-of-shout-out.

  2. ha ha, yeah, he should pay me a finders fee. what do you want for your bday? if you don’t know, then i can make it up

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