heavy objects and acts of kindness beyond the norm

images4 I am extremely fortunate in that I have wonderful friends who make me laugh, listen to my BS, and support me in countless ways. This post is not about that. This post is a shout-out to friends who have lifted heavy objects on my behalf, because really, what express love better than manual labor?

* My friend Mike helped me and my parents lift a 1950s desk from the basement to the end of the driveway when they moved out of NJ. It felt like the entire thing was filled with cement. It was the kind of heavy where it flattened your hand completely. Thanks Mike!

* My cousin Aimee and Husband helped carry one of the largest and heaviest TVs I’ve ever seen from my parents to my apartment so that Husband could enjoy ESPN that much more. That thing was so heavy and the look of pain so real on the faces of my cousin and Husband that I started to laugh during a tenuous part of the journey. Almost dropped it! Weee! Thanks Cousin! Thanks Husband!

* When my folks moved in to their new place, I wanted to help make it feel homey so recruited friends like Kara, Aimee, Tom, Joslyn, Martin, and Husband to paint the place a butter yellow. Thanks people!

* Honorable mention to Becca. The night of my wedding I lost my wedding band because it was too big. Becca, noble friend, left her home and went back to the wedding venue to search for it to no avail, but still she tried. Thanks Becca!

If you are a good friend of mine and feel neglected by not being included in this list, don’t worry. There are many ways to express friendship. And if still not satisfied, I can let you know the next time there’s an opportunity to lift a heavy object in my life.

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  1. Honorable mention, sweet! But…what about that hulking gray chair that used to be our living room? I’ll bet Joslyn remembers it fondly too. And David? I’m pretty sure my cousin Susan and I carried it up five flights of stairs. Just mentioning in case it qualifies for a second honorable mention…

  2. oh becca, how can you be so sneaky, after earning honorable mention? that “hulking gray chair” was a futon, albeit a nice one, it was basically like carry a big bag of cotton. nice try, b

  3. Yes – the big grey chair that unfolded to a single bed if need be. Ahhh the days of micro apartment in West Village – I miss it! Getting anything to that apartment was challenging since it was a SIX FLOOR WALK UP!!

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