tufts u.

images21 How come everyone who graduated from Tufts manages to slip that fact into conversation every time you talk to them? Are they that insecure about it? Is Tufts like a boot camp?

Okay, by everyone, I mean two people, and one of them Husband acted with and that person could not complete a sentence without mentioning it, the other was a stranger I spoke with, but for me — two people are enough to justify a theory. Discuss.

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  1. I am often amused by those who went to Harvard because I feel like they will always say they went to “a school in Boston” or “a school in Massachussetts” with such practiced and deliberate nonchalance. And because their delivery comes out weird, you have to ask, “What school in Boston?” And it then tumbles out, “Oh, Harvard.” And then I think, “Douchebag.”

  2. are you serious? they do sound like douche bags. um, that’s what i’ve said for years. i have to think of something non-douchebag answer. like I WENT TO YALE, MOTHERF*ERS. just kidding.

  3. I met someone once who felt compelled to work their religion into every sentence. ME: Nice to meet you. How do you know Anne? HER: “Well I’m (name your faith here) so … . I felt like starting every sentence with “Well I’m brunette so…”. Her roommate was getting married to Geraldo Rivera the next day so believe me I kept the conversation going.

  4. I went to Harvard for summer classes one year, so sometimes I like to say “I went to Harvard” and then cough while I’m saying “summer school.” That technique probably also works if you went to Haverford.

  5. husband here. the annoying girl Tina was referring to would put her hand to her chest in a gesture of deep devotion and say “i went to a VERY good school so…” while trying to sound modest. After the first ten times or so we knew she meant Tufts. Finally i said to her, “Ya know, I went to a state school. But it is ranked as one of the top ten undergraduate theater programs in the country. So SUCK IT!” That seemed to shut her up. (I’m pretty sure i didn’t say suck it. but like to remember it that way!)

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