House of Dead 2

images1 When Husband brought WII into our home after a day of playing WII tennis and bowling with my friend Jen and Mike, I was like neutral at best. It just seems like a big time eater, a vortex of no return for so many boys. Like my cousin’s husband played the Star Wars game all night the day he got it till he got to the last field. Is that not a touch disturbing? But I have to get off my Judgment city position, because Husband bought House of Dead 2, which is my favorite arcade game, right before Centipede, and after a hard day at work, I have to say, it’s nice to have the option of shooting zombies. It is the only game that I can actually get a higher score than Husband, which speaks to my natural feel for zombie killing and of course has helped me nurture an understanding for video game addiction.

The only reason why I haven’t played it every night this week is because…I broke it.

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