The First 100 Days

images8 I’m at home, listening to President Obama’s press conference, and can I say what a relief it is to hear him? He’s smart, sensitive, politic without seeming insincere. Like, yes, many aspects of our country are in the toilet at the moment, but it is such a relief to have someone at the helm who has a brain. Just let that high-SAT-score voice wash over you. It is very relaxing. Also note, that Fred Armisen’s imitation of Obama on SNL is really not bad at all.

As for folks who miss Bush and are bah-humbugging Obama (I work with many of them), get over it. I hate this two-party system, where people are more concerned about their side winning that getting the U.S. out from under. I’m still shocked about Specter turning Democrat. Wow.

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