Here are the monkeys I encountered in Costa Rica:

Squirrel monkeys: So cute!

Cappuccino monkeys: So adorable!

Howler monkeys: Scary as sh*t!

We actually didn’t see the howler monkeys — we heard them on an isolated trail in Arenal, which felt like the set of Lost. All of a sudden, we heard this loud barking from what sounded like the world’s largest dog. I was like, Dog? How is there a dog in the forest? Husband wanted to investigate, but I was not interested in our vacation becoming the subject of a movie of the week. We were like 10 feet away from the mysterious barking sound. Husband picked up a stick to approach, which is when I turned and fled. I just ran! I ditched Husband! I’m so bad! (Earlier, we had to negotiate our way past a poisonous snake together, so marriage stays in tact despite wilderness adventure…)

2 Replies to “monkeys”

  1. Totally would’ve left my husband to his grisly monkey fate. I’m not much for nature unless there’s an umbrella drink involved.

  2. ha ha, yeah, i’m generally not relaly about nature, but i don’t mind it. but there were parts of the trip that felt like isolated. if we were attacked by monkeys, maybe someone would have found us in two days, you know?

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