images4 You know, some people can just write. I read Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, I’m in a new workshop with some grad school people who can write — and what I mean is they have phenomenal style and distinctive voice. Like you can tell how creative they are from the quality of their prose.

Let me compare it to clothes for a sec, because having style in writing is sort of like style in clothes. When some people put an outfit together, they can pull together an ensemble that reveals a surprising combination of little details and they just stand there, and you know instantly they have amazing flair. At this point in life, my style (in clothing…but also writing) is that I am barely able to cover my kibbles and bits and get out the door — but you know, at I am dressed. Same goes with writing. At least I’m writing!

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  1. you know, but i’m about to totally contradict myself — read alice munro. her prose is kind of simple, but she’s a freaking genius story teller

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