Sad Simon Baker

simon-baker homer Last night’s episode “The Mentalist” featured a guest star delivering random monologue on the fleeting nature of happiness, which made Simon Baker’s face droop more and more, as his character fully took in the upsetting premise the character proposed. And it was so weird, but he looked exactly like Homer Simpson.

Of course, I can’t find a picture of the face anywhere. The guy is a handsome devil. There is literally no picture out there of him without his dazzingly teeth. Really? Must you smile in every picture? What secret sadness are you hiding, Simon Baker, that only comes out as Homer Simpson.

2 Replies to “Sad Simon Baker”

  1. I saw Simon Baker on Ellen once, and my belief is that he is high as a kite. He rarely smiled on The Guardian, but on Ellen he was a goofy, giggling Aussie surfer dude.

  2. interesting. who are you simon baker? do you remember l.a. confidential? i think he had a small part as a guy who was in the tabloids with a young starlet but was like killed in a gay love affair. oh yeah, once in a while, my formerly phenomenal capacity for retaining entertainment trivia kicks back in

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