office naps

nap nap-2

I have only taken an office nap once in my life and I got busted. Hardly seems fair.

I was running around a lot at the time, and I think back on it as a very fertile time of my life. I was in grad school, taking tae kwon do, and working, and I had a moment where the commuting and craziness of my schedule was catching up to me, and so I thought, I’ll just lie my head down on my desk for a few seconds and close my eyes. I was working on the fifth floor, the only one with an office in this wing, so it was presumably safe. I quickly fell asleep…and then my supervisor walked in. Nice. I wonder if that’s the only memory she has of my year there. I was actually a pretty conscientious employee other than that slip-up, but you know, I could be the one forever known as The Girl Who Took a Nap at Her Desk.

Anyway, I now know office naps are a no-no, no matter how tempting. Hardy har har. I mean, duh, I knew that before but it didn’t stop me. Maybe too many naps during college at the library made my sense of social decorum foggy.

This following pic is for Cousin Ed:


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