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images10 crowded-subway Know what I can’t stand? When people preach on the subway. It’s the worst added surprise when you’re jamming your body into a rush-hour car and someone is screaming at the top of their lungs about hell and damnation. It’s not only annoying, it’s like a really bad commercial for the subway preacher’s religion. Like seriously, I’m going to sign up for something that makes you so angry? I think you’d have better luck if you demonstrated how pursuing your religion led to free spa treatments and candy.

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  1. That makes me really angry too. I’m always ready to get into some theological argument and accuse the preachers of making God out to be this angry, vindictive shmuck. Which they are. But then I realize that I’m on the subway because I have somewhere to be, and if I stop to argue I’ll be late. Basically, I need to leave more time to get to my appointments so I can argue with lunatics who are screaming about eternal damnation on the subway.

  2. i’ve been on one ride where a guy started yelling at the preacher. he cursed him out and then belligerent religious guy started cursing him out, but religious guy was cursing randomly and confrontation guy was cursing but offering intelligent put-downs on why his religion is rude. pretty satisfying.

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