Valkyrie and The Reader

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This is old but still feels worth posting to me:

— about a Nazi who tried to kill Hitler

The Reader — about a Nazi guard who eventually repents after she learns to read…

I don’t know, but isn’t it okay to just hate the Nazis? Why humanize them? Do they really need redeeming qualities? I mean, they’re Nazis. I know it’s partly because filmmakers love World War II and maybe they’re running out of stories.

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  1. I have been thinking of making a sort of tongue-in-cheek documentary about trying to brand the Japanese occupation of Korea as the new holocaust. Like find professional marketing, advertising, branding consultants to work on a campaign, so that the entertainment industry sees it as the new “it” historical atrocity to base their movies, tv shows, books, etc. on. Does that seem too tasteless?

  2. I love the fact that in the ’60s, when there were a whole lot more survivors and perpetrators of the Holocaust than there are now, someone had the brilliant idea to make a sitcom about bumbling Nazis — “Hogan’s Heroes.” And it was a big hit, too.

  3. WHAT? i’ve heard of hogan’s heroes, but i didn’t know it was about nazis, nor your sixties perspective. interesting

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