Freaky Friday

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Today, my husband and I talked about our days. I’m in a 9-to-5, Monday through Friday kind of gig, and he’s more ad hoc, bartending shifts, extra work, etc. I’m a bit bored with my routine, I really need a vacation, so I suggested Freaky Friday, you know, where you switch bodies for a week. If I were him, I think I would always go into the Ladies Room by accident, you know, forgetting I was a guy and soon get arrested. He thinks if he were me, he would immediately get fired, immediately assuming all the meetings I go to would throw him akimbo. He’s absolutely right, though it’s funny that he thought he’d even make it to a meeting. I figure he would bomb in the hallways, because he wouldn’t know any of the names of people I work with, which would make me look bad…if he came to work as me.

Yeah, I know, maybe a little too weird to share. Deal with it, Cate Blanchett.

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  1. I loved Freaky Friday. But I read the book first, and was a book snob even as a kid, so when the movie came out I went around saying the book was better. Oh, Annabelle!
    I couldn’t do my husband’s job, it’s technical. And if he came to my work, everybody would know something was wrong because he would actually talk to people.

  2. really? maybe he could be gab in marketing mode. i still love imagining the aggressive pitch of the buzztini. that still makes me laugh

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