octupulets? really?

octuplet Are octupulets really necessary? Why is this beginning celebrated as a medical miracle? Like I’m all for advances in science, but I think this actually sets us back. I mean, when you have EIGHT babies, you’re more like a dog or pig, no? Like you’re having a litter of children? And besides, if you want multiple births, why not settle for twins or triplets and still fit into society? I’ve seen Mom friends with twins. It is not pretty. It’s like a tsunami of baby.

And our society is making it worse. We’re affirming this mother by giving her book deals and TV interviews. Bad, society! Bad, bad society! If you’ve read, the grandmother of the octupulets wonders what on earth is wrong with her daughter. (Applause.) (Well, bad for speaking against child, but good for seeing there’s some bonkers behavior here.)

See litter of puppies below. Take note that there are only six.


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  1. An interesting fact I learned on Fringe last night: the mad scientist father is examining the dead body of a porcupine human freak. Though the body is that of a man, he now has something like 15 nipples. The mad scientist remarks that mammals are designed to have a number of babies that are usually half or less than half the number of nipples. So the mad scientist says that’s why humans usually just have one baby. At most, it should be two.

  2. Crazy octuplet lady has six other children. This whole situation brings my brain to a screeching halt. Don’t the doctors have some kind of responsibility in these situations?
    Has anyone else been mesmerized by this whack-a-doodle family in Arkansas? http://www.duggarfamily.com/They have a show on TLC called “17 Kids and Counting”. I highly recommend checking it out. My favorite episode is when they go to the Creationism museum.

  3. when people have 17 kids, don’t they all look alike, i mean not just facially — but like eight of them will be the same height. i am very scared.

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