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  1. My sister believes that Joshua Jackson is going to be the next George Clooney. I don’t think he has quite the charisma, wit and intelligence as Clooney… but, yeah, Pacey is pretty hot.

  2. I loved Pacey, I mean Dawson was just not a handsome guy. And who doesn’t go for the bad guy. I’ve heard Joshua’s new show Fringe is good, same people as Lost?

  3. Just thinking about it…he kind of looks like Ewan McGregor. It’s amazing how Hollywood actors all look like one another.

    Ew. Now that I think about it.

  4. Dawson has a large-ish forehead and has dropped off the face of the earth. Pacey has a gorgeous, European girlfriend who is helping him dress and he looks like a really hot man, now. Yay, Pacey! Ewan McGregor — love him as well, and he doesn’t seem to be aging at all? Fringe is okay, not addictive, which is too bad, b/c i eat up all the sci fi stuff. Pacey as big George Clooney? I dunno.

  5. You know, I was going to write something like, let’s start a “Cougars for Joshua Jackson” fan club. But he’s not a boy, but a man– a 70s baby if you can believe it! I think his beautiful German girlfriend has 6 toes on one foot (or is it 6 fingers on one hand?). Yeah, Fringe is underwhelming despite the Pacey-man and JJ Abrams as its creator.

  6. six fingers? six toes? wha?!!! oh good, am glad pacey is a 70s baby, b/c all the other boys are like people are young enough that i could have baby sat them

  7. i love how this subject inspires the most posts. the kid from twigliht is majorly cute, orlando bloom like seven years ago circa lord of the rings, scott spedman. i am drawing a blank now. do you have any young favs?

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