cate blanchett

19576_2 I’m going to eat my words. We rented “I’m Not There” where a kabillion people play Bob Dylan, including Cate Blanchett. And she was AMAZING, spewing these crazy, random Dylanesque lines like “I’m not something that came out of the bottom of a cereal box” and “Get groovy or get out, man” with a cigarette constantly in her mouth and this weird, gangly, boyish walk. I couldn’t stay awake for the movie and I don’t think I really understood what I saw, but I loved all of the acting in it. Very convincing and understated, but Cate Blanchett redeemed herself after “Benjamin Button,” in whcih she plays a role that I think is just too easy for her. (Aside: the best part of Benjamin Button was the relationship between Brad Pitt and his African-American adopted mother. That’s the key love relationship in the picture for me, not the romantic pas de deux cr*p.)

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