bono-picture-1 You know, I love Bono. He’s an amazing person — a rock star, a humanitarian, a celebrity who’s not afraid to age. He makes beautiful music and talks about third world debt relief. I mean, what’s not to love? If I ever met him, I would cry and throw up — at the same time.

So all that love said, what the hell was he thinking when he wrote this piece, “Notes from the Chairman” for the New York Times?

Can someone read it and tell me what it’s about? All I could tell was that he talks about Frank Sinatra, he talks about a painting Frank gave him, about how the economy is not good in Ireland, how Guinness is black velvet in a glass…but it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s a little like hearing a long, drunk-dialing message. Not good. Was this a mistake?

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  1. From what I can tell, the reaction from U2 fans is, huh? The reaction from the rock press is, what a retarded old fool. And the reaction from Sinatra fans is, how lovely. As a Sinatra fan, I thought it was lovely. And the fact that it was rambling and aimless only added to its charm.

  2. Was he just feeling poetic then? It like almost felt like he was going to make some kind of economic woe statement, that Sinatra and Guinness are a comfort in tough times or something, but then it went….pfffffft.

  3. Times are tough, Sinatra rules. What more do you need to know?

    And Bono lived the dream and actually MET and HUNG OUT WITH the great man, which I think amazes him as much as it would amaze me. So I never tired of reading about his encounters with Frank. Although it’s common knowledge that Ol’ Blue Eyes was starting to slip mentally at that time, so I’m wondering if what Bono writes is 100% true.

    Still, I thought it was lovely. D-Train, not a Bono or a Sinatra fan, backs me up on that.

  4. Okay, I can totally buy “times are tough and sinatra rules.” I think that’s VERY clear. I like hearing about experiences of people like Bono and Sinatra b/c it’s so much wilder and different than my day to day — it’s just that I literally didn’t understand the piece. It was like reading a joke waiting for the punch line that never came, which bothers my brain. But if it’s a “just cuz” point, I get it now.

  5. I read here first, so I had lowwww expectations. I think the piece is saying, when times get rough, the Irish get drunk. And also, hubris and humility can co-exist. Especially when drunk. I like the line about wine turning to vinegar when you overindulge, mostly because he’s going to do it anyway. Although I’ve never been to Ireland, it sure reminds me of my family, enjoying drinking, savoring the alcohol, even though it’s sure to end badly. Good times!

  6. cool, thanks for that interpretation too. i need it. i hear bono is going to have a regular feature on the times now…i have a feeling he’ll be less all over the map in subsequent columns

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