08korea_600 You know, I never think about it, but I think prostitution is a very uncaring government policy. You can read this article, covering Korean women who worked as prostitutes around the time of the Korean War, which was managed by the korean government. One of the points of the pieces is before you get riled up at Japan regarding Comfort Women, why don’t you take a look at your own backyard, etc.

I know people, one Republican I know in particular, who would argue, as long as both adults are consenting, butt out. But I suppose I do support moments where the government can intervene on behalf of its people. We do have legalized prostitution in Utah or Nevada, don’t we? Don’t you find that a tad creepy? There is also some argument that some women might find that going into the sex trade empowering, and I sort of bought that till I read some stat that most of them had been sexually abused as kids. Just seems like it’s an instinct we should try to squelch.

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