Rob Pantene

This is the picture of the kid who is playing the romantic lead in the mammoth “Twilight,” the teen vampire love story that makes 13-year-old girls and me weep with joy. I googled the guy’s previous big role, as Cedric in the “Harry Potter” story, and I am just floored by how you look changes during adolescence. Can you believe how much this kid’s face literally shifted? I guess he lucked out, huh. He looks like a Gossip Girl kind of guy now. I don’t remember his last name — it’s French sounding and awfully close to Pantene.

2 Replies to “Rob Pantene”

  1. Pattison. But haha, Pantene is quite appropriate. He’s all over Entertainment Tonight and E! and Access Hollywood. He takes “just got out of bed” hair to the ridiculous extreme. But does it very well. I’m jealous.

  2. oh cool, i htought it was like pattinierre, but i think that’s like the girl from heroes’ last name. this kid’s hair is wild. i think he could play robert smith of the cure — but maybe it’s only the hair i’m reacting too.

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