Joan Miro at MOMA

Is it me? I don’t think I can see this dude’s paintings any more. Can any one else? (Jen?) I feel like the MOMA just recycles five painters over and over again: Miro, Van Gogh, Picasso, Braque and maybe that’s the point of “modern” art, maybe those are the dudes who are part of this movement, and I’m missing the point, but don’t people like to see something new? That’s why I like contemporary art, even if it’s as random as a blank yellow canvas entitled “Happiness #148.”

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  1. MoMA gets a lot of criticism for not straying too far from the modern classics. They used to have a Projects series showcasing contemporary artists. I loved those shows. They were really small and you felt so connected to the artist. There is a new chief curator of painting and sculpture. She’s promising to make MoMA modern again.

  2. interesting, i didn’t know that. i was just a bumbling street person. today, i went to the met and saw the phillipe 30 year retro thing, which i really dug, b/c the plaques included reasons why this particular work means x, y, z. now i wish took an art history class so I’d know some more backgrounds, which i’d enjoy it more. once moma does new stuff, i’ll rejoin.

  3. Have you been to the New Museum of Contemporary Art? Maybe “modern” has come to mean a period of art, in the past. But not actually modern. “Modern classics,” that’s kind of funny, Jen, but I know what you mean.

  4. is that the one in nyc? i saw the one in san diego with will, and i liked it, but it hink i’m burned out on museums in general. do you like it?

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