Celebrity Jealousy

Have you ever experienced Celebrity Jealousy? It’s absolutely ridiculous to be jealous of a celebrity, because they are leading completely different lives than the common man and woman, and yet, I can’t help it.

The first one was Jennifer Connelly in “Labryinthe.” At age thirteen or so (I could be off), I was so obsessed with David Bowie. I would have dreams about him where we would just talk and he’d respect me because I wasn’t affected by his fame. In “Labryinthe,” Connelly plays a babysitter who has to save the kids she’s watching by traveling to some magical land where David Bowie rules, dressed up like a Henson Muppet. And when they dance at this ball, I think that was the pinnacle of my jealousy. I was like, Why can’t it be me at that ball, dress up in a “Dark Crystal”/”Secrets of the Rats of Nimh”-era ballgown. Oh yeah, I’m winner.

And the other big celebrity jealousy? Winona Ryder, when she was Johnny Depp, and you know what? At that point, she was totally celebrity-jealousy-worthy. Today, it’s hard to find one be jealous of in my opinion — partially because our access to celebs has gotten 24 hour-ish and a lot of these mondo-successful-gorgeous people are clearly BONKERS.

And I don’t know how to make picture of that yellow-suited Johnny Depp smaller!

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  1. My friends were also obsessed with David Bowie at that time, I think I just went along with it. So I saw “Labyrinth.” And “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.” And “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” But not “The Hunger.” But we had fantasies just like you! We had sleepovers nearly every weekend, and my one friend was designated the storyteller. She would make up a story about any celebrity you wanted, on a special evening with you. It was usually David Bowie or some member of Duran Duran. You were usually just hanging out, or having a romantic dinner.

  2. i don’t think i ever saw any of the david bowie movies, except the hunger, and i rememebr he always got good review, but then i read this book on the history of punk on how he’s more abotu image than music and stole his ideas from other folks on the scene but actually was the one who made it. I was crushed.

    dude, i remember duran duran crushes. i like the fantasy stories — that’s the perfect tween speed. i think that’s why twilight works — they just like talk all the time.

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