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When I watched the VP debate, I thought it was very shrewd that Biden was unfailingly polite to Palin. Had he eviserated her, the public’s pity party for Palin would have started and she would have enjoyed a boost to her popularity. But why are people so nice to Palin but eat Hillary for lunch? No one feels sorry for Hillary and no one likes Madonna either. Even when she does good things, like adopt a kid from Africa, she gets racked over the coals.

I’m not necessarily a fan of hers, but when I read this review of her Stick and Sweet concert, it did strike me that, Jees, this woman can’t get a break. The writer criticizes how she’s too flawless in body and beauty, and how her whole performance feels labored and forced — which, I’m sure it was, but the whole thing got me thinking, what is it that makes Hillary and Madonna so disliked? Is it their ambition and their calculated approach?

Of course, for live performances, I think people forget how to pull of a theatrical event. They pay boatloads of money for production, but forget that the magic of theater (yeah, I used the word “magic” in a sentence with no mention of David Copperfield, what of it) is the whole is more than the sum of its parts — when simple sets and props evoke a universe.

Here’s my horribly uncommercial idea — what if Madonna toured with a story theme, or a character in mind, like “The Seagull.” She could play Arkadina, an aging star afraid of losing attention and beauty. At a desk with a quill and traditional Victorian dress, she can sing “Papa Don’t Preach.” Ha ha ha. Would people like her then? What if Hillary sang “Papa Don’t Preach”?

It’s late. Don’t judge me.

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  1. Joe may have played nicey-nice with Palin. But not many other people have. She’s either creepily drooled over by the righteous right or reviled and mocked by the rest of humanity. (And by humanity I mean me and Katie Couric.)

    No matter which way it goes limelight’s not very flattering in the end. But obviously Madonna, Hilary and Sarah all frolic in it and would probably shrivel up and die if we all lost interest in their shenanigans. To each her own.

    But you know who should be singing “Papa Don’t Preach.” Palin’s knocked up teenage daughter. That’s who.

  2. Everyone loves a sister until she actually gets the power. Hillary and Madge are two extremely rich and powerful ladies and that still threatens a lot of humanity. (And by humanity I mean Bill O’Reilly and Katie Curic) If (god forbid) Palin ends up VP that love train will come to a screeching halt.

    Gotta go now and teach my daughter how to spell democrat.

  3. Sung Ji, your papa don’t preach line made me giggle.

    and Jen, Katie couric is threatened by Palin? I’m just trying to get it straight. Palin has actually revived her career b/c of that insane interview she got from her — before that CBS was going to fire Katie this year. But It hink that’s interesting that a woman can’t be powerful and still loved. But somehow other Western countries, even some Eastern countries, have managed to place a woman in a top gov’t position without losing their shirts… i’m all over the place. Gwen for president!

  4. i do think thought there is something unlikeable about Madge and hillary too, aside from people’s general discomfort with a woman having too much power. A little too cold and calculating? But i do think if they were men, that kind of characteristic wouldn’t be construed as a drawback. People really seem to be more comfortable with that kind of trait in boys than girls.

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