I’m a little disturbed as to how much sports I actually watch now on TV and outside of my house. I can now identify Eli Manning on the Giants and a variety of baseball players on the Mets. Even more alarmingly, I actually understand how innings and scoring operates in baseball. (I blame Husband for all of this.) But the sport that I’m beginning to love is tennis — dude, U.S. Open, the way those people play, tennis is a beautiful, and Roger Federer is beautiful. I have even gone to his web site, so you know I’ve reached a new level of sad.

Husband thinks I might be taken with tennis because I played on Varsity in high school — not that being Varsity was impressive at my school. Some people, like my pal Alex, actually had talent, but someone like me got through b/c no one else was around. I was like the girl who would scream the “s” word at the top of her lungs as I ran for shots that felt as far away as another coast. So not fitting in the kind of gentrified world of the courts, so not a sign of the disciplined mind that you need to compete.

As we watched Federer trounce his opponent recently, I told Husband my special shot was to let the ball bounce twice before I hit it. What can I say, I’m a little lazy.

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  1. My font soul-mate and I like your picture posting. I used to post pix but have lost either the interest, the skill, or both. I think tennis is too violent. The poor ball. It is like a bad divorce with a custody battle over a toddler with a fuzzy green head. Neither parent really wants the child. Both want victory and are in a state of terrible sexual frustration (thus the grunting and the wide stance which nonetheless seems somehow constipated). A long week.

  2. ha ha, and here i’m watching and going lucky, lucky ball. but i’m a little too into federer right now.

    i love searching for pics and matching different ones to my ideas. i think it’s the most fun part for me.

  3. Roger Federer is quite the handsome devil. Although sometimes when I see closeups of him, I think I can see the skinny old man without dentures that he’s destined to be. Chin out, eyes squinting into the sun as he leans on his cane and mutters curses at those cheating petanque bastards. Merdre.

  4. On one of Letterman’s top ten lists: how to make the US Open better

    Make Roger Federer more federer-er.

  5. i know what you mean, b/c there are young people i encounter where it’s completely clear to me how they will be at age 60, but lucky me, federer is not among them, and i love making him more federer-er. snicker snicker.

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