olympics bs

What the hell is this? A group of professional athletes making fun of Asians? (Read the hard-hitting journalism here.) There are a few things that piss me off — racism, sexism, and people who don’t give up their subway seats for old/pregnant peeps. I’m fairly annoyed right now. I could turn into Asian Angry Man blog if they keep this BS up. People! If you want to be a racist, can you do it with your inside voice, IN PRIVATE? Does everyone have to know about what a douchebag you are? To make matters worse, these losers are saying they were forced to make the “Asian caricature face.” Really? Like someone was holding a gun to your head? Thank you.

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  1. oh my god that’s hysterical. what is it? is it b/c europe doesn’t like to let anyone else in t heir country unless they have to?

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