return of the jedi

is on TV tonight, and the whole Luke Skywalker versus Darth Vader battle reminds me of Office Life. I know I’ve mentioned Darth Vader in previous posts, but the goofy lines Luke utters to his father as they fight (“I see the good in you”; “I will not fight you”; I will never go to the Dark Side” — I feel retarded even writing this out) suddenly were like life instructions from Lucas himself. How do you deal with office politics without becoming evil yourself? I have a hard time with it. I’m pretty confrontation-averse and somewhat passive to begin with. And if it requires more energy than watching TV, I can talk myself out of a lot of action. There was an instance of someone peeing on my territory today, and I was about to let it pass, except for all my friends I spoke to today said I need to stick up for myself, and my friend Mike told me, life is a fight. You have to fight for what you want. Ugh. He’s right. True, there’s more than one way of dealing with difficult situations, but for this one, I have to ignore my instinct to hide, lie down, and eat a bon bon and actually tackle this.

As I try to navigate these unpleasant waters and figure out how I’m going to handle myself, I totally wonder how Luke Skywalker does it. Sickly sweet, naive, blond Luke fights dark Darth but maintains his sense of goodness in the world and himself. How do you fight without becoming evil yourself? Bleech. Call me when you figure that one out. And I already know I didn’t train with Yoda, though I’d like to think he’d be in my corner.

P.S. Ewoks rule.

P.P.S. Yes, I’m am that nerdy.

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