my romance with step aerobics continues. last night, i went to class after a long hiatus and it was glorious!

Before class:
Teacher: Your lips are so…
Me: Inspiring? So that you teach step like it’s never been taught before?
Teacher: They’re like edamame.
Me: That is so racist.

During class:
Teacher: Do you have epilepsy?
Me: No, why? Are you bringing out a strobe light?
Teacher: No, no, just the way you’re doing shoulder shrugs, I was getting worried.

Can you feel the love??? Have no idea if this all translates, but the background noise during these exchanges is my hysterical giggling.

3 Replies to “romance”

  1. I’m confused. Why would your teacher be talking about your lips in the middle of step aerobics? And why would anyone think that anyone else’s lips looks like edamame??!!


  2. oh no, sorry if the writing wasn’t clear. i wasn’t sure the story would be retold well in written word.

    he was admiring my lip gloss prior to class and then i guess, he thought the shape was like edamame…otherwise, i really don’t know, as edamame is kind of wrinkly at best? i like the green pepper compliment tony.

    the only other contextual info i should’ve maybe given is this guy is gay, a tad queeny, and half asian and always talks about being asian. he just makes fun of people the entire class. at one point he said, “do you people all wear red and black?” and i looked around the class and everyone who was asian happened to have red shorts and black shirts.

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