subway freak show

Sometimes, going on the subway is like going to friggin freak show. When I went to go meet my friend Ali for lunch on Sunday, there was an old lady cursing the hell out of everyone b/c she kept asking “Does this take me home?” without, of course, specifying where home was, then would scream her head off when no one knew the answer. Then there was another dude who worked for the MTA who had a pony and was on the tiny side with a beard that started so far up his face I couldn’t stop staring at him. It’s like, is he a woman with a beard? Is he? I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. (Incidentally, I think the current American Idol winner David Cook looks like a lady with a beard.) Okay, two sightings does not a freak show make, so I’ll throw in some homeless guys with open flies. How’s that? I just needed to get out from underground and see the sun fast.

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  1. sorry, short for pony tail. i shortened after hanging out with a grad school pal from cali who shortened everything to its shortest possible iteration

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