You know, I went to a nutritionist in the fall to get advice about because I was sick of bursting out of my pants. And she had this nice chart of like what not to eat too much of like beans or carrots.

And I was like Carrots? And she was like, Oh yeah, a lot of people don’t realize that carrots have a lot of sugar in them. And I said, You know what else has a lot of sugar in it? Ben and Jerry’s…which I eat every night.

I think this statement made her sad. I didn’t go back.

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  1. I just ate a McSkillet Burrito this morning. I enjoyed it very much. But right now I am feeling some shame. But painful desire for another McSkillet Burrito in the near future.

  2. i’ve never heard of the mcskillet burrito. is that like beans, eggs, and cheese or soemthing? mmmm

  3. I haven’t liked carrots since I was 17. I hosted a party at my house and this girl with whom I’d fooled around the previous summer swigged Bailey’s out of the bottle until she passed out. When she puked, she was IN THE BATHROOM, she was just so drunk that she couldn’t even lift her head to puke in the toilet, so it got all over the floor, and there were big chunks of carrot in the puke. I had to clean it up, of course, but to their credit, both my mom and my friend Lawrence helped me. I believe they were both able to eat carrots afterward, but not me.

  4. How many carrots would you have to eat to get fat? I doubt the obesity epidemic is due to gross consumption of vegetables.

    I think I’m going to finish that pint of Ben & Jerry’s in my freezer out of spite.

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