has-been bands to love and hate

has been bands to hate

* KC and the Sunshine Band ( I’m sorry, I don’t know why, but I hate their music. Like “play that funky music, white boy” makes me want to kill myself.)
* Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam Full Force (Though maybe I hate them so much that I now like them.
* Ice House (They sang “Electric Blue.” Gag)
* Roxette
* Divynyls
* Wild Cherry

has been bands to love

* Journey (oh you Steve Perry, of the tight jeans, feathered hair and dulcet tones. Dude, I want to write a musical simply for the experience of having guys audition with “Oh Sherry.”)
* Chicago (Karate Kid. Enough said.)
* Night Ranger
more to come

5 Replies to “has-been bands to love and hate”

  1. Contrary to what Sachsy says, my Steve Perry is lacking – I have to sing his stuff in falsetto, for I lack that powerful, Perry-esque, sing-it-from-the-sinuses near-falsetto.

    Also, dude, “Play That Funky Music” is by Wild Cherry, not KC & The Sunshine Band. KC & SB have some great, great songs. “Get Down Tonight”? “Sound Your Funky Horn”? “Please Don’t Go”? Damn! I especially dig KC’s 1983 post-Sunshine Band classic “Give It Up.” Don’t front, you know you love that one.

  2. oh yeah, i’m sorry tony, i HATE “get down tonight.” i have no idea why. it’s a perfectly pleasant tune and yet i can’t stand it. i don’t know “give it up,” unless someone can sing to me and i recognize it. sing-it-from-the-sinuses made me giggle. i can see you doing falsetto man–those notes are HIGH. thanks for the music correction — im’ giong to add Wild Cherry to my list.

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