diversity — a beautiful mosaic

A co-worker just wrangled me into going to a dinner event where they’re trying to plug diversity and he’s recruiting to create a “beautiful mosaic” at then event. To which, I was like “So you need a Korean? What about the wookies? Frengis? Where’s their parade?”

And he just walked away with no comment. Aww, yeah, batting a thousand, people.

5 Replies to “diversity — a beautiful mosaic”

  1. Did the event culminate in a giant tile making project? You’re awesome and I bet your hair looks really good right now.

  2. ha ha, i’ll let you know. it’s not till may. i’m giving up a gym night to eat hors-doeuvres with the other mosaic members. you’re sweet! i just cut my bangs again, which made my husband threaten to take away the scissors. I CAN’T HELP IT

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