my day

images-2.jpg Do you ever have days where youare so stressed you feel like Han Solo at the end of “Empire Strikes Back”? I’m having one of those days.

It started by being punched on the insanely packed rush hour subway this a.m. For me, the cut-off point on a subway ride is when you can’t fit your limbs in. When your legs and arms don’t fit in, that’s a sign there’s no more room. On this train ride, some dude with no where to go just started to rise in the air and with no place to put his feet, he started to fall, and as part of that effort, punched me. Some days are like a cartoon, and from that point, it only got more and more frantic.

If you don’t know the end of that movie in particular, he gets crypto-something–genetically frozen. Somebody knows the exact term out there.

To see what Bart Simpson looks like frozen, see below.


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