yo cartwheels

images.jpg I’ve never been able to do a cartwheel. If I kept living in the boroughs of NY, this would’ve been okay, but as soon as we moved to suburban NJ, I was toast, man, b/c there’s actually room in the suburbs for kids to fly wildly across the room all topsy-turvy like that. It was very embarrassing in junior high school, when they did gymnastics for gym and we did somersaults (I was all over that) progressing to cartwheels, and the more I was expected to do it, the more I sucked. It was like the only gym unit girls were supposed to be better than boys at. Flag football was also not a strength.

They have instructions on how to do a cartwheel in this weeks TimeOut New York and it looks simple enough — just throw your whole body forward (yikes), so the next time I have an open space with no one looking, I’ll do it. Then I’ll have to call one of you afterwards to take me to the hospital.