crying at the movies

unleashed.jpgjuno.jpg…is one of my all-time activities. I love getting swept up into a story and enjoy being moved by whatever pain/coming of age moment the character experiences b/c IT’S NOT MY LIFE. My friend Becca was surprised that I didn’t get weepy at the ending of “Juno” (great script; a bit too stylized dialogue-wise at first for my taste, but then has really cool plot treatments and terrific characters), which is understandable as I’m known to tear up at commericals.

I experienced body-wracking sobs during “Dancer in the Dark” (Actually, that story was excruciating and me and my friend Joslyn were like wrecks after that film. That was too much and not a fun “cry at the movies” situation.) I cried when Michelle Kwan lost the gold medal on TV, I cried during “The Nutty Professor” when skinny Eddie Murphy makes fun of fat Eddie Murphy (very meta), and I cried at the ending of Jet Li’s “Unleashed.”

The ending of “Unleashed” is where this killing machine (Jet Li) flashes back to a time when he was happy as a kid with his mom b/c his friend plays the Mozart piece she used to play, and his character is very moved, and the movie is very cheesy. I saw it movie with my friend Alex J. and other fellas, and when we exited the theater, he was like “well, that was stupid!” “Oh yeah, pretty stupid,” I said, trying to smile through the fact that I was overclempt. So why Jet Li and not Juno? Dude, not a clue.

And as an aside, is it me? Or does the 2/3 Times Square platform consistently smell like barf?

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