Harry POtter Mania

images6.jpg I started reading the Harry Potters last month and am up to the fourth title, and I love them. I’m obsessed. I’m going to see if I can go as Hermonie or Harry Potter for Halloween. When I check them out of the library, the security guard laughs at me, me being a grown woman and all reading the YA book, but I DON’T CARE. I pooh-poohed the series as not for me when the books first came out like seven years ago. The world went gaga for them and I was oblivious. Now whenever someone ticks me off I tell them “20 points from Griffendor” which means nothing (and sounds really weird when said aloud.) The plot is incredible, and as the writing and story and character development just get better with each book.

This kind of reminds me when I got into the show “24” after it was on the air for five years. I would like pop into my office mail room and start yelling “My name is Jack Bauer and I’m a Federal agent! You’re going to have to trust me!” and they all just stared at me blankly. I mean, they’re fans too, but they’ve already dealt with the ups and downs of like season 2 which was made in like 2002 (I’m not including any spoilers b/c Nancy is just starting to watch them).

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  1. I wonder if people on the train also look at you weirdly for reading HP #4 now. It was kinda wonderful to get on the subway the first few days after the last book was released. There would always be one or two other people also reading the book–like a collective experience of Harry Potter on the mind for many NYers.

    What kind of relationship do you have with your office mail room? This cracks me up.

    I haven’t started 24 Season 2! I’m trying to psych myself up to get recommitted to Jack’s crazy day.

  2. Yeah, I think I missed the boat on “it’s okay that I’m an adult reading Harry Potter.” It’s mostly weird glacnes, for sure. I did miss that collective bonding over the last installment–too bad. It seems like a nice thing to partake in. I’m trying to figure out how to dress up like Harry Potter for halloween, but I only have the tie and shirt. I need that Hogswart scarf, but i can make up badges that say Prefect and Head Girl. (I’m getting sad, like I see red and gold flags at museums and I’m all like “griffendor!”)

    My office mail room are full of nice guys who don’t flip out if you’re weird. They’re like the only nonwhite people in my office who aren’t uptight. I guess the few of us in the executive world have to play games, or whatever. Enjoy Season 2! Be prepared to ignore your phone and not see the sun for the whole weekend! My cousin and her husband ended up not sleeping on a school night b/c of 24. It’s addictive

  3. Hey, aren’t you glad I didn’t spoil the end of the HP series for you?

    I will lend you the last three books in the series if you’re interested. Combined, they weigh 20lbs.

    How is your Harry Potter costume coming along?

  4. i’m going as a pirate. it’s easier than buying a wig and scarf and all the rest of it. yes, i’m glad you didn’t tell me hp died at the end. i have gotten the gigantic books from the library and reading through them so fast. i really wish i could be home just reading these. they’re the best, and i’m sad they’re going to end. how do other people do this? i reading all in a row, which is rad, but if i read one every year, iwould’ve forgotten all the details. it’s kind of like netflix-ing a tv series

  5. How did you find out the ending? Yeah, I totally forgot many details between books. Actually, I forgot major plot points reading the last book because I was reading so fast to get to the end. I’ve been meaning to re-read the series, but you know, too many other books to read. Are you getting any sleep?

    Are you going to be a sexy pirate?

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